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gobox Mobile Storage Unit Hire

Say goodbye to packing, moving, unloading, and then packing again. gobox is Australia’s newest and most convenient mobile storage solution. We remove the need to transport your items into an offsite storage centre and then to your home, which would normally require the need for an additional rental van or trailer.

Our unique lifting and moving system means that our mobile storage units can be maneuvered into spaces that other container storage providers just can't get to. Even the tightest of driveways aren’t a barrier – with little height clearance needed to access your property in most cases. We can simply position one of our moveable storage units in a convenient position on your property to reduce the distance for loading and unloading. Not sold yet? Here’s why you should choose gobox:

Why choose gobox mobile storage?

Save time

Essentially, all you need to do is move your items from your home to the gobox - and that’s it!

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind knowing that your unit is safe in our warehouse, which you can easily access by coming for an onsite visit, or even having your gobox brought to your door.

Save money

You can save big on traditional moving costs with gobox, whether you’re moving interstate or locally.


We can easily position your mobile storage unit in a convenient location on your property and reduce the distance for you to walk for loading and unloading.


Our unique secure locking system is the ultimate storage solution; manufactured to withstand harsh Australian conditions and prevent intruders gaining access.

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